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Machine Control Survey Services (MCSS) specialises in the successful implementation and support of Trimble machine guidance within the construction and mining industries. As both small and large construction sites embrace and come to rely on machine control technologies, there is often a need to manage and support the plant and operators equipped with machine control guidance. This can include converting and checking design models for machine use, maintaining field availability of current design files, managing machine setting files and operator display options, conducting operator training and diagnosing hardware problems.

Machine Control Survey Services utilise the latest Trimble machine control technologies and can provide permanent and/or short-term survey support to ensure that you are maximising the efficiency of your on-site machine guidance products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements!

Director of MCSS, Steed Shepherd is an engineering surveyor who was first introduced to machine control plant in 1999. Since then, Steed has been heavily involved with the use of this emerging technology on numerous multi-million dollar projects within the Australian highway, railway and mining construction sectors.

What is Machine Control?

The development of GPS positioning solutions along with more user-friendly and intuitive software has allowed for the efficient and widespread use of survey products including the integration of surveying tools into construction machinery. Machine control technologies allow plant operators access to real-time position, design data and 3D guidance all from within the machine cab.

Using machine control plant on construction projects eliminates the need for many of the traditional survey requirements such as roadway pegging and field crew string-lining. Often referred to as machine guidance or machine automation, whatever you name it utilising machine control technologies has proven results in both increasing productivity and saving construction time, leading to reduced costs for earthworks operations.

To learn more about machine guidance technologies and how they can benefit your project, please visit or contact us via phone or email.

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Steed Shepherd
(MCSS Director)

Member of Institution of Engineering and Mining Surveyors Queensland


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